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Last month I commented on this Firefox article by Bill Thompson over at BBC News Online, saying that his claims about the critical update icon were, well, wrong, basically. Here’s what I said in full.
Anyway, Bill came across my piece and left this comment:

Hi there – I think that you’re right that I’ve overstated it… five computers in the house, kids machines to look after, so I’ve been seeing a lot of red buttons… I’ll ask my editor to change the article on the BBC website. It’s important to get the details right so that the larger point gets through.

Which is excellent 🙂 . He’s amended the article on his blog (the BBC version is still pending correction).
I wish more journalists would do this when they’re proved wrong – well done to Bill for setting a good example.


  1. That’s sweet. Wonder if you’ll get the mention on the BBC news page!

  2. And good on you Neil for setting him right!
    Three cheers all round!

  3. As much as i luv the BBC i’ve always found their technology journalists to be a bit, well, uninformed. So it’s nice to see a specimen being passionate enough to be pro-active and not lay a story to rest as soon as it’s published.
    It’s fascinating on days when there’s a high profile technology based story breaking, such as a very damaging virus alert. I always turn on news 24 to see how many technical errors the presenters make, they never let me down, always hilarious. Of course however, i don’t know who is to fault, could be the news readers, the script editors, the journalists, or even the news agencies (reuters, AP etc.)