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Conservative Leaflet #2

The Conservatives have dropped a second leaflet on our doormat, this time one that has been delivered personally rather than via the post.

Like before it’s A3 but folded 3 ways, and its on glossy paper. It also has considerably more photographs of the candidate Haroon Rashid – 10 in total, although 2 are the same. Michael Howard features in one of them, and all apart from the two that are the same are quite low quality – in one case, they didn’t even bother to remove the red eye from the image. Arial and Impact are the two fonts used.
Again, it’s a bit low on the text side and some of it doesn’t even make sense. Observe the following opening sentence on the front page:

Haroon, 34 is an Industry Executive, Haroon said, “Bradford needs a representative with a strong character to hold this city together…”

And yet he claims that Education is one of the items at the top of his agenda.
Like before, his surname appears nowhere on the entire leaflet – he’s just “Haroon”, apparently. He’s still claiming to be The only Bradford born and bred Parliamentary Candidate at the General Election even though Paul Cromie, the BNP candidate, also claims that he himself […] was born and bred in Bradford and has lived and worked in the city all his life. .
One final comment is about the email address used on the leaflet, which is at This is strange because the Conservatives don’t want to be called ‘The Tories’ as the see it as derogatory – it’s generally only used by their opponents. In any case is owned by Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Association and not by the main Conservative Party.

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  1. We had another lib dem leaflet through today, which was more of an attack on Marsha Singh than anything constructive.
    Whilst walking through Manningham today I saw quite a few stickers encouraging people not to vote because it goes against Islam. I found that quite interesting, but didn’t really have time to stop and read them properly.
    I trust you got the Green Party flier I put through your door this morning?