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The Truth about Asylum

If you read one thing today, make sure it’s The Truth about Asylum (128KB PDF file). It gives you lots of facts and figures about immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, with references to the documents from which they were taken such as Home Office figures and reports by organisations like OFSTED and ACPO. It’s especially important to read if you are considering who to vote for on Thursday and consider the subject of immigration to be a factor in your decision.

One Comment

  1. I read the report and my overall impression was that much of the resourced material was old and out of date. In 2005 You cannot rely on statistics made in 2002.
    No one said that the ‘illegals’ or the ‘criminal element’ had to come from the top ten countries…? Let’s see figures compiled from 2004 shall we…
    Of course asylum has dropped – two of the major countries where asylum applicants came from are now part of Europe – figures had to drop.
    According to the UN convention a genuine asylum seeker will be given refugee status …. so out of the thousands who failed asylum applications and gave their genuine ‘brothers’ a bad name – why have they still not returned home… the report failed to give a definition of those persons who are categorised as illegal immigrants.
    Very biased report by a biased organisation using only the statistics that assisted their points and failing AGAIN to tell the general person in the street the truth…
    A very disillusioned British citizen…