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What the Sundays say

With it being the last Sunday before the election, it is the last chance that the Sunday papers have of influencing our choices on Thursday. The Guardian Election Blog has an overview of the papers, but here is a summary:

Papers that support Labour

  • The Observer
  • Sunday Mirror
  • News of the World

Papers that support the Conservatives

  • The Sunday Times
  • The Sunday Telegraph
  • Mail on Sunday
  • Sunday Express

Papers that support the Liberal Democrats

  • The Independent on Sunday

I was quite surprised at the Sunday Times backing the Tories as in the past it has generally backed Labour. The Times is under the same ownership as the News of the World (they’re both Rupert Murdoch publications) so the difference of opinion is interesting.
The Independent has also been a Labour backer in the past so a switch to the LibDems is similarly interesting, although they still recommend voting Labour if the only realistic choice is between them and the Conservatives. I do admire them for this though – I can’t remember a time when a national newspaper came out in support of the LibDems like this.
I would like to know how the Guardian feels this week. While Guardian Media Group owns both the Guardian and the Observer, the latter is slightly more right-wing than the former, and indeed the Observer supported the Iraq war while the Guardian was against it. I have a feeling that it too will back Labour but seeing as the Indy on Sunday backs the LibDems it could mean that they do too. But we’ll see.

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