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No spyware on

Here’s some good news: is no longer listing programs that contain bundled spyware. All programs will now be tested for spyware using a couple of commercial tools (as well as being checked for viruses) and any that fail the tests will not be listed.
This is a very good move. On the one hand, it protects customers by reducing the risk of infection (although they do still wisely recommend that you install your own antispyware protection). But it also sends a message to software developers that spyware is not wanted and that you will have a harder time distributing your product if you include it.
It now means that products like Messenger Plus, Kazaa and Gator eWallet are no longer listed on the site. Others, like Morpheus and iMesh, made changes to their programs to comply with the new rules and so are still listed, sans spyware.


  1. What a bloody good idea.

  2. Major companies caught enlisting Adware and Spyware services

    Of all the most asinine things that corporations have been caught doing, this ha