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No Internet Explorer in Tiger

Well, this is interesting – apparently Apple has not included Internet Explorer in OS X Tiger. Microsoft has discontinued the browser since most Mac users have switched to Safari (which is faster, easier to use and generally just better, from what I’ve heard), and now presumably Apple has decided that IE is so out of date that it’s not worth including.
As well as improving security (IE for Mac hasn’t been patched in months, apparently), it should make it easier for users as they are not presented with two applications which perform the same function (i.e. two web browsers). While I’d love Apple to include Firefox or Camino as well, having them in addition to Safari will just confuse people.
Allegedly Adobe Reader and StuffIt Expander are gone too. The former is a bit of a mystery (unless there’s another Mac app for opening PDF documents) but StuffIt is largely irrelevant these days.
I did like one of the comments attached to the article:

If they take out IE, they’ll have to call it TGR.


  1. Something correctly notes that damn, what if those fonts will not be installed either? The end of sensible web typography? Jesus Microsoft, get your act together!

  2. I can’t see the removal of IE from OSX being a controversial move by any stretch of imagination.
    This may be a tad OT but, does safari still use KHTML? I’m having terrible trouble trying to get the type on my site the same size on konquerer as it is on IE and Firefox. It’s hard to tell whether its due to the installed fonts or not, but i’ve also tested it with bog standard sans-serifs too, all the standard CSS font size definitions seem to translate to smaller point sizes in KHTML. Very annoying, does anyone know if the same is true for safari?

  3. Safari uses WebCore, which is based on KHTML but has been updated and improved. Quite a bit of WebCore is being backported into KHTML though.

  4. Now, if Microsoft would be so kind an actually adhere to the courts and remove IE from Longhorn…

  5. Apple has an app called “Preview” which displays PDFs for the system. They pretty much had to, because that’s their default image file format. It’s much faster than Adobe Reader anyway (and has a much better icon).

  6. Apple’s contractual requirement to include IE on every system expired.

  7. I expect one of these years Adobe will have to retire Acrobat. I mean, Apple’s Preview READS PDF, and any native OSX app WRITES PDF (albeit sans fancy features, like watermarking). Adobe’s suite is already a bit of a fifth wheel. Remember how Final Cut Pro pretty much blew Adobe Premier off the market? Heck. Maybe iMaginator will make some headway vs Photoshop…..

  8. Opening PDF’s?
    You can use Preview to open a pdf. If you have Stickies open you can drag the pdf file to it & open it in Stickies. Stickies is basic while Preview does a little more but neither have the functionality of Reader. Both of the applications open pdf files much faster than Reader so if all you want to do is print it or read a snippit from the file these work great.

  9. >IE for Mac hasn’t been patched in months, apparently.
    Actually, I don’t remember seeing a single IE patch for my mac for about two years.

  10. I imagine Adobe would more likely retire Photoshop before they retire Acrobat. With the recent assimilation of Macromedia, they’re getting out of end-user program development and really gearing up to go toe-to-toe with Microsoft over enterprise document management formats (PDF vs whatever Longhorn’s format will be).