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FridayQ: Tasty

It’s actually Saturday now (even though the weblog says Friday as it’s stuck on GMT) but here’s this week’s FridayQ:

Your favourite sweet food? When did you last have it?

Chocolate ice cream, a few weeks ago at home.

Your favourite salty food? When did you last have it?

Chips, a couple of days ago. I try not to have them too often though, for obvious reasons.

Your favourite sour food? When did you last have it?

Not really into sour food – I have a very sweet tooth.

FQ EDIBLE: What’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted? The most horrible thing you’ve ever tasted?

I’ve tried a lot of nice things but chocolate orange ice cream is very, very nice. Most horrible may have been a pre-packed sandwich that I bought somewhat innocently and then nearly threw up after just the first bite. It was awful. Can’t remember what filling it was though.

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