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More leaflets

Paul Cromie campaign leaflet This morning we had two copies of Haroon Rashid’s Conservative leaflet, along with one from Paul Cromie, the BNP candidate. The Tory leaflets were addresses to my housemates whereas the BNP leaflet was, well, just a leaflet. I’ve scanned it in and included here – click here to view it full size. I would have scanned Rashid’s leaflet as well but it opens out as A3 so it’s a bit too big.
We’ll start with Cromie’s effort. It’s double-sided glossy A4 folded three ways, with an uncomplicate design using Impact, Arial and Times New Roman as fonts, and two black and white photos. On the inside is this quote:

Paul Cromie is the only white candidate standing in Bradford West. If all the white people in this constituency vote BNP, then they are guaranteed to elect a white Member of Parliament.

Evidently Cromie is appealling to the white voters and not those of ethnic minorities. So much for the “we’re-not-racist-just-anti-immigration” line. Elsewhere, he uses “common sense” as one word, refers to “old folks homes”, and mentions his zero-tolerance policy on drugs. Funny then that a former BNP candidate for Cleckheaton and a friend of David Exley who is standing as an MP in Dewsbury was found with over £100,000 of drugs in his garage. There’s also no mention of what he wants to do about education.
Haroon Rashid’s leaflet is interesting because his surname does not appear anywhere on it – he’s just ‘Haroon’. He also claims to be the only ‘local born candidate’ standing when in fact Cromie is also from Bradford. He manages three colour photographs of himself, though two of them are quite poor quality. The back of the leaflet doubles up as a poster that you can put in your window if you’re that way inclined.
He seems to concentrate on caring for the elderley (older people tend to vote Tory), education and local regeneration, but nothing about health or crime. He does at least mention how the Tories want to abolish top-up fees, though.


  1. OMG Who ate all the pies??
    Only mailshots we’ve had are for Libs and Greens. In fact i don’t think i’ve ever seen a labour one. Wouldn’t even know what they look like. I find it quite a cheek that just because they don’t expect to win our ward they don’t even bother canvassing.
    Libs on the other hand are pretty good, they send out a leaflet almost every month, even outside of election fever. It’s a bit like a parish newsletter.

  2. We’ve yet to get a LibDem one, or a Green one, for that matter. The Tories only came a few thousand votes behind Labour last time so they’re really pushing it here.
    Back home in York we also get regular stuff from the LibDems, and as you say, it’s like a parish newsletter. Kinda cool I suppose.

  3. thanks, ive been looking for a picture of the BNP guy on the internet, his head looks like broccoli / Cauliflower….