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The home page of this site should now look a little nicer when printed, thanks to a print stylesheet which will be rolled out over the rest of the pages in due course. Previously, the page would print out with no formatting, but now it retains some of it. The navigation links get shoved down to the bottom though I’m wondering whether to do away with them altogether. Your browser’s Print Preview mode should give you some idea of what the page will look like now.
The stylesheet should also be used on handheld devices, like PDAs. This is after trying out this site on my Dell Axim to find it looking awful. However, I’m unsure if the version of Internet Explorer on here (a derivation of IE 4.01 for Windows) will actually understand the media="print, handheld" attribute. I’d love to use Minimo but it’s not yet available for Windows CE-based devices like the Axim.
In any case, a whole range of sites seem to look horrible on it – The Guardian, especially. BBC News online thankfully works okay in its low-graphics mode.


  1. How about Opera? I use that on my Nokia 6600

  2. Looks good in safari (Although would be nice to be able to get rid of the post comments box/sidebar like you say).