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Bizarre Independence

Not much going on here in Bradford West so I’m going to turn my attention to my home constituency of City of York. The constituency has amassed 8 candidates, unfortunately not including Eddie Vee, the Yorkshire Elvis who was representing the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. He has seemingly disappeared off the ballot at the last minute.
The three main parties are fielding candidates, along with UKIP, the Green Party and two independent candidates. And then there is the ‘Dungeons Death and Taxes Party’.
I don’t know much about it but it appears to be linked to The Dungeons, a chain of horror museums in York, London, Edinburgh and Hamburg. Quite what their policies are I have no idea but it’ll be interesting hearing the result be read out.
It’s not the most bizarre party though – The Electoral Commission web site has some even stranger ones. Take for example:

  • Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tour Party
  • Anti Party
  • The Blair Must Go Party
  • Chaos Party
  • Church of the Militant Elvis Party
  • Fancy Dress Party
  • The Grumpy Old Men Political Party
  • The Idle Toad
  • MP3 Party
  • No Candidate Deserves My Vote (I’m guessing this is some kind of apathy party)
  • The No Party (I wonder if they’re guilty of negative campaigning)
  • Personality AND Rational Thinking? Yes! Party
  • Protest Vote Party
  • The Rock’n’Roll Loony Party (A breakaway from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, perhaps?)
  • Single Issues Party (at least they’re being honest)
  • Short Fat Solicitor Party
  • Xtraordinary People Party

There are many others, often related to local issues.


  1. We had fliers from three parties sent through the mail box today here in Bradford – Greens, BNP and Lib Dems. And there now seems quite an even mix of posters up for both Labour and the Tories – and I even saw one for the BNP yesterday. So judging on pure marketing alone it’s still a very open race.

  2. Just one point of disagreement: consciously considering the candidates and deciding not to endorse any of them isn’t apathy.
    Not bothering to vote would be apathy, but deliberately withholding a vote isn’t. Likewise, a vote for that ‘No Candidate Deserves My Vote’ option is a valid use of one’s vote. At least that way a protest is counted.

  3. I like the ‘End Is Nigh’ party!!!
    My vote has now been cast by post, nobody can sway me, it is done. I now have no duty to listen to politicians for another 4 or 5 years. Well, in theory anyway.

  4. My friend Lewis makes a good point about apathy over on his blog.

    …the case against voting remains: the differences between the parties amount to flushing the country down different drains, rather than fishing it out the bog altogether.