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American Dad

American Dad Along with the new series of Family Guy, Seth Macfarlane has been working on American Dad, another animated mature comedy series in the same vein as Family Guy. The pilot episode has been available as a torrent from various sites for a while now so I grabbed myself a copy and took a look.
The main character is Stan Smith, a large, right-wing, gun-toting hunk who works for the CIA, and has a habit of bringing his work home with him. He has a glamorous but supportive wife Francine, a geeky son Steve and Hayley, his left-wing liberal teenage daughter. There’s also Roger the alien who lives in the attic and was rescued from Area 51 by Stan, and Klaus the goldfish, whose brain was transplanted from an East German ski-jumper in a botched CIA experiment. In the pilot episode Steve tries to date a cheerleader but can’t seem to manage it and seeks his dad’s help.
As you’d expect, it is very much like Family Guy, in the same way that Futurama had quite a bit in common with The Simpsons (dude, Fox, a fifth season of Futurama would really rock, you know?), but I’m not so sure if I found it quite as funny. That might be because I watched one of the better episodes of Family Guy yesterday and still had that fresh in my mind, but in comparison I think Family Guy was the more humourous.
This is, of course, just the first episode, and I’d like to see a few more before making a final decision.


  1. I downloaded it soon after it aired and i thought it stank. They appeared to take every single character from Family Guy and just change their appearence slightly. The gags bounce off the characters in the same way as family guy but somehow the timing is all off.
    BTW, i dunno if you know but there has been a family guy blog off sorts on the fox site for some time. Its usually quite inane but occasionally has the odd tidbit of information. There’s an RSS feed thankfully..

  2. You mean a sixth season would rock. I guess the confusion spans down to the UK DVD releases being in “Volumes” and not “Seasons”. Anyway, I “in a manner of form” received and watched the first episode of American Dad some time ago, and although it was okay, I just don’t think it captured the magic in Family Guy, which at times is just so random, but it still could be enjoyed.

  3. MRK: Been subscribing to that RSS feed for some time now 🙂 .
    Alsotop: Thanks for that.

  4. When I first saw the advert for “American Dad” I was horrified to see how similar it was to Family Guy. However, I am yet to see an episode itself.
    Did Futurama ever have a “season” in the US. I heard they moved and cancelled episodes so often it was difficult to follow. The last “season”, season 5, was made up of the episodes they couldn’t fit in the other “seasons” because of these cancelations. Hence why there are only FOUR series, and FOUR dvds. Anyway, who cares; BRING IT BACK DAGNAMMIT.

  5. Futurama aired in the U.S. for a little more than a year I believe. I love that Adult Swim on Cartoon Network plays a lot of Futurama and Family Guy. They’re gonna air the the Family Guy and American Dad a couple days after they’re on Fox (next weekend).
    I love them all. Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, they all rock.

  6. Ah, this is grand. I have all the Family Guy DVDs, and if this is anything like the formentioned series, hooray!

  7. yo uh, waht grade is Steve In??? And i perfer American Dad because its like a diferent family guy, offers new stuff!

  8. The pilot was poor, but the second episode was ok.