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My new toy

Dell Axim X50v (II) This is my new toy: a Dell Axim X50v. Actually it isn’t mine – it belongs to the university – but I’ve been given a couple of weeks to play with it, basically. It’s the first stage of a trial to see if students will find PDAs useful as aids to their learning and whether it helps them stay more organised and so on.
It’s a very nice device, running Windows Mobile Edition 2003. It has onboard Wifi and Bluetooth, as well as CompactFlash and SecureDigital readers. There’s also a GPS module that connects via Bluetooth.
I haven’t spent a huge amount of time playing with it, mainly because I needed to get the first draft of my project finished tonight (which I did, yay!), but it seems to work well. It would be more useful if I had Outlook since I could synchronise everything with it but never mind. Currently it’s lacking the extra applications that the university wants to use but those are coming soon, I’m told.
The one thing that does concern me slightly is how much these things are – they sell for about £300 so naturally I’m vary wary of doing anything that would damage it in any way since it isn’t mine.
Still, I’ll now be able to sit in the pub and check my emails without needing to carry around a laptop. It also means I’ll be able to play Solitaire any time, anywhere – I think you’ll agree that this is the way forward.


  1. Just who is going to pay for students to get these £300 pdas? And with compact flash and bluetooth, aren’t they just going to get used to copy coursework?

  2. I’m guessing that’s where the extra couple of grand the university will be getting from its home undergraduates from 2006 will end up. Also, I doubt that they’ll be going for such a high-spec model – from what I can gather they will have Wifi but Bluetooth is possibly above and beyond that. And they’ll be able to get bulk discounts.
    A number of dyslexic students already receive these for free anyway, and they come with SD slots. Of course they’ll be used for copying coursework, but then any storage medium could be.
    Put it this way: it’s a trial. We may find that this is actually going to be a huge waste of money and that no-one will use them. Or we may find that they are useful but we’ll have to buy them, maybe at a reduced rate.

  3. 😀 Welcome to the big PDA family. I hear the Windows Mobile OS is getting better, so I hope it works out well for you.

  4. Nice, shame I wasn’t there to collect mine. Dammit! Then again, I don’t have Outlook to sync with it, and I’m not that organised anyway. Maybe that’s why it’d be useful for me. Not sure though.
    I can check my email on my Nokia 6600, although it’s not perfect it does, and I rarely use it…