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More sunny weather

The past three days have been the nicest of the year so far – 17° Celcius (62°F) and glorious sunshine with barely a cloud in the sky. Definite short sleeves and t-shirt weather.
It’s a little annoying that the nice weather tends to happen when I have major project deadlines looming – it means I have to stay inside huddled over a computer rather than basking in the sunshine with a cool drink and a barbecue. Sure, I have a laptop but the battery will only do 2 hours tops and there aren’t many outdoor areas of campus with a decent Wifi signal (doing a web development assignment does imply having access to the web).
In any case, today looks to be the best day of the week. Rain is forecast for tomorrow morning and for Thursday and Wednesday doesn’t look so good. Friday might be okay though, by which point I hope to have my final year project all-but finished.


  1. Wasn’t very nice in my neck of the woods! West Sussex and Surrey were deluged this morning, the M23 was slowly turning into a lake. I couldn’t believe the amount of water standing on the roads, even with cars zooming along, they just weren’t clearing it.

  2. I must say it was pretty enjoyable listening to a London-based radio station and hearing them moan about the rain whilst enjoying the morning sunshine.
    It was also nice cycling into uni – though that’s about all I saw of the sun, the rest of my day was spent writing up reports on why rsync is rubbish (even though it isn’t).
    Actually, if it’s like this on Saturday then a bike ride and picnic in Manchester to celebrate May Day is sounding very tempting indeed.

  3. On the way in to work this morning I was overtaken by a duck.
    Whoever designed our drainage systems wasn’t clued up about our weather, I think.
    Alas it was great weather here last week when I was on call – now I’m a free man, it’s crap!
    Hey ho, I suppose that’s what makes our theatre so good :o)