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Campaign material

Marsha Singh Campaign Flyer My housemate had this sent to him this morning – a campaign flyer for the local Labour candidate (and formerly incumbent MP) Marsha Singh. Here it is full size. My other housemate also received a copy at his parents’ address, but I didn’t.
Unlike some candidates, Marsha’s photo only appears twice on the flyer – the record is 27 – but he does squeeze a photo of Tony Blair grinning amongst a load of primary school pupils who may or may not be in Bradford. There’s not a whole lot of Bradford-specific stuff on there and the focus seems to be on education, benefits, economic stability and health. There are also a couple of digs at the Conservative party and their “years of Tory neglect”.
List of Marsha Singh's pledges He’s also listed his 5 key pledges, 4 of which are aimed at families. Great, should you be a family household. Not so great if you’re renting a house with two other students, are unmarried and have no children.
In fact, strangely enough, despite the university being wholly inside the constituency, there’s no mention of student issues at all. But then he did vote in favour of top-up fees.
He also pledges to make “your community safer” but doesn’t really say how – there’s no mention of greater policing or CCTV or anything.


  1. Top up fees? I could have sworn that Tony Blair said that he had no plans for top up fees when campaigning during the last general election…
    Apparently Labour’s 2001 manifesto said: “We will not introduce top-up fees and have legislated to prevent them.” So I’m pretty sure you can ignore whatever is written on the flyer and in the manifesto this time around too. Not that any other party is better, of course.

  2. That it did. Amazing how they managed to forget that in just 2 years.