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BNP Manifesto

The BNP have launched their manifesto – you can download it is a PDF from that page. It’s quite amusing, but in a rather sinister, scary way – especially with regards to university education:

We reject the idea that the left is entitled to institutionalised control of higher education and through this means impose its ideas on the rest of the nation. We will require ideological balance on university faculties.

We will systematically de-fund nonsense disciplines and will not provide grants or loans for such studies.

Notice how ‘nonsense disciplines’ isn’t defined.
They want to give us a free university education, but only On satisfactory completion of their period of National Service… . All 18 year olds would need to complete military training – anyone who opts out would have to do community work and lose the right to vote (!). Kinda goes against the whole democracy thing, don’t you think? Especially when the manifesto itself is called “Rebuilding British Democracy”…
There is a very definite attempt by the authors to make the party appear to be merely anti-immigration (though the term ‘creeping islamification’ is used in a rather derogatory sense) rather than all-out fascist, since being a load of racist thugs doesn’t really appeal to the public. But then you’d me more welcoming to a wolf if it has made itself look like a sheep, wouldn’t you?


  1. I agree with the National Service bit to an extent. There are so many ‘little shits’ out on the streets these days. Their parents can not control them and the police force can’t fully control them as they are under 18.
    If you put these sort of people through a National Service scheme then it might sort them out, they might also like it and take up a career in the military rather than creating trouble and collecting their dole cheques.
    Alternatively I don’t agree that they should be able to keep a rifle at home.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to pick the best bit from each campaign. We have to go with the best square peg that fits the round hole.

  2. I think their manifesto is fantastic. It’s a breath of fresh air and they will certainly get my vote.

  3. Is it just me or does Nick Griffin look like a james bond villain?
    And would we be allowed to use our rifles against BNP candidates?

  4. I see the BNP are working hard to get the student vote…

  5. I heard an excerpt of the manifesto on the news over the weekend, and I noticed that after completing national service, people would be required, not merely allowed, to keep ‘civilan assault rifles’ at home for use against intruders.
    I’d like to think BNP candidates would defintely count in the intruders category….
    I’d laugh if it wasn’t quite so sick.

  6. “Col”, you, Sir, are a racist twat.

  7. Because somebody has an alternative view to the present Politically Correct bullshit,they are deemed as racist are they?
    This is the sort of attitude that has got our country into its current mess!!
    Look after our own first!! we cant accomodate and feed everybody in the world-lets sort our own problems before interfering into problems that are not ours.
    I am sick of this liberal/hippy crap

  8. Rob Kennerley and Col are set to burn in hell at the end of their miserable days along with hitler, mussolini, Mugabwe, Nick Griffin and the rest of the racist cunts in the world. To end your lives sooner than later i believe you should be given cancer injections and your dying bodies stoned to death by the rest of the country!
    Jonothan Prior said it right- You sir(s) are a racist twat.