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Sunny day

It’s a glorious sunny day outside – just a pity I have to stay in and do project work all afternoon 🙁 . I did get chance to nip out briefly though and managed to get a couple of photos which will be on Flickr at some point soon.
Life-wise things are going okay right now – the deadline for my HCI project, which isn’t worth quite so much as my final year project, has been extended by two weeks, which means I’ll have much more time to concentrate on them individually. So that’s good.
The house for next year is also all-but sorted, I’m just awaiting confirmation from the landlord. The house I’ve got is very nice – it’s been well-maintained and comes with all mod cons, and the rent is only £38/week plus bills.
I’ve been approved for a credit card – my first one. It’s not got a very good interest rate but I imagine I’ll be able to get better ones in future, and in any case I’m mostly intent on using it for the extra protection on purchases over £100 rather than as a means of credit. It should come next week, hopefully.
If you can find a copy of The Guardian today, buy it since it has a free CD in today with songs by New Order, Morrisey, Embrace, Morcheeba, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Bjork and Royksopp. It’s pretty good, and obviously it’s free. The newspaper also has an article about the summer festivals which is also available online.

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