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FridayQ: Pet

This week’s FridayQ is all about pets.

FQ1: Any pets as a kid?

I had a succession of hamsters. The second one, soon after we bought it, went from being one big hamster to being one not quite so big hamster and five hamster pups.

FQ2: Any pets now?

Nope. Don’t think I’d be allowed one in the house and even then I don’t think I’d have the time to look after it properly. Would like to get one later in life though.

FQ3: Name your favorite famous pet from television or movies.

Brian from Family Guy. Arguably the coolest and most intelligent of the bunch.

FQ BEST FRIEND: If money and legality were not a barrier, what exotic animal would you like as a pet?

A small monkey. They’re so cute and really intelligent – I could watch it for hours.


  1. …until the monkey starts throwing his feces at your head. 🙂
    The benefit of coming up with the FridayQ questions is that I get to prepare my answers ahead of everybody else. But once I started posting the questions on Thursday for the benefit of international FQ-ers, the advantage was lost. This was never made clearer to me than when I read your answer to FQ3.
    Now an answer that I thought was going to be unique and clever is just a “blatent copy” of yours. Since there couldn’t be a better answer than “Brian” to that question, I suppose I am just going to have to live with it! =Sob!=

  2. Well, it made me realise it was Friday. I got confused and swore Neil had gone insane and it was only Thursday. I had to check the date and time properties to make sure. Looks like I’m loosing it.