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Firefox, Fred Langa and Security

MozillaNews has a good debunking of Fred Langa’s column about Firefox security. Langa makes the point that more security flaws have been found with Firefox recently than with IE and lists a number of emails from people that have had problems running Firefox.
The MozillaNews article is well worth reading because it points out that while Firefox had more flaws overall, they were fewer serious flaws than in IE. According to Secunia, IE still has 19 unpatched flaws; Firefox has 4. It has never had a “highly critical” flaw like IE has.
As it stands, Firefox is the more secure option, and I believe that the Mozilla Foundation’s attitude – co-operating with and rewarding security researchers and fixing flaws in a timely manner – should allow it to stay that way. It might not, of course, but I believe it will.
I normally respect Fred but I do feel that this was a poorly researched article. Whether there was a motive behing his angle I don’t know, but if Fred wants to retain credibility with his readership then he might want to buck his ideas up somewhat.
(Disclaimer: I am an avid Firefox user but also a LangaList Plus! subscriber)
Update: Asa Dotzler: “It’s the community, stupid”.

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