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I was surprised at just how lost I felt this morning when Bloglines wasn’t working properly. I never realised just how much I relied on it. Thankfully it’s up and running now but I’ve exported my subscriptions in OPML for use in another client in case it breaks again.
Looks like Ben was feeling a similar sense of loss too.


  1. Just been to bloglines now (although I’ve got my feeds in there, I continue to use a desktop aggregator). They’ve got an amusing image of a plumber and a statement they’re doing a bit of “fixer upper”… hehe

  2. Yeah, I agree with you about the OPML idea. I kept wishing I had of had the foresight to do so before things went wrong!
    And I also find it strange on how much I rely on it. It’s such a great service, and it does what it’s meant to do, in my eyes, better then most ‘real’ RSS clients.
    Oh, and you might be pleased to know I’m now up to 121 feeds! 🙂

  3. Neil, I was feeling the same sense of loss. I am definitely going to do a OPML backup now. I was totally lost without Bloglines, it completely screwed up my morning routine.

  4. What client did you import the OPML feeds into neil? I currently love RSSOwl and just as you rely on Bloglines, I rely on RSSOwl just the same amount I suppose.

  5. I haven’t imported the OPML into anything yet but I do have a registered copy of FeedDemon lying around that I might use next time.
    Although FeedDemon does support Bloglines it will not work if Bloglines is down.

  6. Downtime is the primary reason I stick with a desktop client 🙂
    Sauce Reader is my favourite – primarily because it’s free (unlike FeedDemon). It also has quite a few neat features.

  7. Same here…
    BTW, what is an OPML and how does it work? Forgive my ignorance…

  8. Josue, an OPML file is a file containing a list of all your blog subscriptions.
    I was lost without Bloglines too, plenty of others felt the same. Thankfully recently a directory/portal for IrishBlogs was set up so I had something to read.