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Movable Type 3.16 on the way

Just had word that MT 3.16 is on its way next week. It fixes a couple of security flaws, but also has many, many bug fixes to fix niggles in the interface, as well as a few under-the-hood changes. It also promises to be a little faster.
If you’re on the Six Apart Professionals Network, you can view the changelog here – otherwise you’ll have to wait until next week. But I will say it certainly looks like a worthwhile upgrade.
Update: It’s out. You can read the long list of changes here.


  1. The changelog said that they’ve added support for Creative Commons 2.0, but when I upgraded I still had to change the hard coded value in

  2. No you didn’t 🙂 . You need to go into Weblog Config and then click ‘Change License’, select the same license again and then save changes. That worked for me.

  3. I think I tried that. It could be I was just tired… 🙂
    I tried once again after rolling back my editing of, and now it worked…