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The LangaList Bump

One of the reasons why I “loaded the code” in anticipation of a mention in the LangaList was because I wanted to see if it would actually make a difference in traffic numbers when I was featured. Some sites have reported a surge in traffic when they’ve been featured but I wanted to see how true this was.
Initial signs do show a 50% increase of traffic on that day – normally I average 200MB/day but on Monday that went up to 301MB. I don’t yet have all of Tuesday’s stats in but by midday yesterday it was up to 150MB so hopefully it’ll be another big day. There’s also been a number of referrals from too.
It will be interesting to see if this results in a long-term increase in readership. There are now 3 more people reading the main RSS feed through BlogLines than there were on Monday (a total of 105), so that might be indicative of something.
AdSense earnings were up slightly but nothing ground-breaking – just an extra dollar or two.
What has changed is the usage numbers for web browsers – there have been far more IE users than usual and Firefox has dipped below 30% for the first time in a while. This wasn’t the case before the site was mentioned, so I’m wondering if the LangaList readership has a high number of victims potential converts. Hmmm.


  1. I will never understand what drives web traffic. My current average is 240MB a day… but before April 6 it was 110MB. Something happened on the 6th that has caused my visitor counts to double, and the numbers keep going up. I can’t figure it out because absolutely nothing happened that day… I didn’t write about anything particularly controversial or noteworthy… I didn’t sign up for any promotions or blog awards or anything. It just seemed to happen for no reason (with comment counts remaining stable).
    When I analyze the logs, it’s just the same random traffic I always get, but lots more of it, with no single referrer that I can find to be the cause. At first I thought it was an increase of blocked trackback and comment spam, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess I’ll chalk it up to a Google re-index or something and ignore it.

  2. non sequiter, here. just wondering how you got photos to show in the comments…

  3. When I got mentioned on LangaList (which I think is how you originally found my site — I can’t remember), my traffic went up quite a bit because I was getting nothing in the way of traffic before. Unfortunately, I’ve moved hosts a couple times since, so I don’t think I still have access to my stats to get you better numbers.

  4. Jake: Actually I seem to remember I found you because we were both contributing to Lockergnome Bits & Bytes at the time – your mention in the LangaList came afterwards 🙂