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The BNP are coming to Bradford West

Paul Cromie has announced he is to run in Bradford West as a candidate for the far-right British National Party. He is the current chairman of Bradford BNP and according to the party’s web site is “a well-respected local businessman”. He stood alongside his wife Lynda in the council elections in Queensbury last year – she is standing in Bradford North, which has a reasonably strong Labour majority. (incidentally I know Ümit Yildiz who is the Respect candidate for Bradford North through Unite Against Fascism and the London anti-war protest – top bloke. Vote for him if you live there.)
Lynda Cromie was also on the receiving end of a death threat last year after they leafleted an estate in Clayton Heights with their campaign material.
While historically the BNP have not done well in this constituency, as it stands Cromie is the only white candidate standing here, which, I fear, may give him some votes that might have otherwise gone to another, less extreme party. For once, I think I’d actually be pleased to see UKIP have a candidate stand here since at least that would take votes away from them.
On the not-so-far-right scale, Haroon Rashid, the Tory candidate, has been naughty and put a campaign billboard on university land. It has since been removed.

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  1. I was riding around Ilkley and Silsden today. It was interesting how all of the billboards and posters – the ones in people’s gardens – were for Conservative.
    I did see one lib dem billboard today though which was pleasing, and I also got emailed the Green Party’s manifesto – which I may end up blogging about soon.