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Patch Day

If you’re running Windows (that’ll be most of you), the April round of patches is now on Windows Update. Get them while they’re hot – my system had a set of 5 to download – 3 for Windows XP, 1 for IE and an update to Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool which removes some nasty viruses and trojans.
Furthermore, if you installed Microsoft’s tool to block the automatic deployment of Service Pack 2 via Automatic Updates, you’ll find that the tool has reached the end of its life and that SP2 will now install. If you still don’t want it, you’ll need to disable Automatic Updates.


  1. For the sysadmins amongst us there’s also a critical update for Exchange – but then you already knew that, right?
    Word has one patch as well.
    Pre-xp2 users will have one extra patch to install today, as will win2k users, and it’s perhaps worth mentioning that xp-sp2 can be avoided in businesses still if you use a wus/sus/sms server.
    There’s also a patch for msn 6.2, though most people seem to be upgrading to 7.0 anyway. Damn those annoying new features.

  2. Is it bad that I’m still on XP SP1? I daren’t risk installing SP2 as when I tried it before (shortly after setting XP up on this machine) it totalled it!