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Now that I’m reasonably sure about what I’m doing next year, and have found someone else to live with, I need to find somewhere to live. This is unfortunately easier said than done, especially as most people who were looking for houses started looking a couple of months ago – most of the properties available for rent have all been taken.
We’ve found one that was still free (but apparently has several interested parties) but it’s quite some distance away from the university and isn’t that great, though the landlord has promised to fix some of the problems like light switches hanging off the walls and the lack of a bed in one of the rooms. It’s £40/week each (plus bills), which isn’t bad, and it does have cable wired in but without the equipment.
If it’s all we can get then I’ll settle for it, but ideally I’d like something a bit nicer. We’re prepared to move in with others if necessary, so if anyone living near the university has two spare rooms for next year drop me an email.


  1. We used to joke about booking different rooms in university overnight and then actually living in them. Don’t suppose you’d actually want to try it.
    I’ve also seen a few disused buildings around recently if you cared to squat.
    Right, ok, enough of the daft suggestions.
    I guess I’m tied down to staying in Bradford next year too – I’ve got a job offer and it saves having to move out.

  2. I’m having trouble too. I’m actually breaking out of the student housing market and trying to rent a ‘proper’ place in York but the prices are way more than I expected.
    Good luck finding somewhere.