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Comment Leaders

Been a while since I did this, so here goes: Here’s the 20 people who comment on this site the most, with their total number of comments in brackets:

  1. Andy (209)
  2. Quanta (173)
  3. Richard (142)
  4. Richy C. (138)
  5. Kim (102)
  6. Dave (85)
  7. Mike Wills (78)
  8. Trovster (74)
  9. Chris (64)
  10. MRKisThatKid (60)
  11. Ciaran (57)
  12. Steve (57)
  13. Dave (56)
  14. Jake Ortman (55)
  15. Chris Romp (52)
  16. Hanni (51)
  17. Ken Edwards (50)
  18. Daisy (48)
  19. Dave2 (46)
  20. Chris Burkhardt (46)

Note that although ranking is done by email address, I do take into account people who have used different addresses here. Andy, incidentally, has made 4.6% of the total number of comments here.
There’s a number of regular commenters just outside the top 20 so I imagine the list might be quite different next time, whenever that is.


  1. Ooh – what’s the prize for being in the top three?

  2. An imaginary iMac 🙂 .

  3. Oooh, number seven. Yey for me. I try and comment is often as possbile, so you might see me moving up the league table! I’m coming for ya lordrich.

  4. Ah damn if i’d known i’d reach the dizzying heights of the big one-oh i would have bothered filling in the URL box 🙁 Mind you my site is rather embarrasing and should probably come with a health warning stating that the b+w design can at times induce states of mania in some people.
    Feels a bit naked being there with no click-through.

  5. Obviously, I need to do less studying and more commenting. 😛

  6. Yay, #12 🙂
    I’m working my way up the list! 😛

  7. Does it help if many times I think about commenting but get distracted? That should get me in the top 20! 😛

  8. Haha.
    What I’ve always wanted an imag iMac.
    Of course, for some reason, reading blogs via rss makes me less inclined to comment.

  9. Oh. I’m I the only won who thinks the two Daves should race?

  10. There are three Daves!
    I didn’t realise I had left that many comments here at all!

  11. So, uh, I suppose I should comment again, just to pad that a bit. =)
    Nifty comment.