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Things I have learned today

I have learned 3 interesting facts about the English language today:

  • The phrase “to blow a raspberry” comes from the Cockney-rhyming slang “Raspberry Tart”, which is used as a synonym for “fart”. Although I’ve never heard anyone say “He raspberry tarted and stank the place out” before.
  • “No strings attached” is actually a tailoring term, as explained by English Cut. When a piece of cloth is delivered with a flaw in it, a piece of string is attached to it. Therefore, a piece of cloth with no strings attached is a perfect piece.
  • The plural of “OS” (the abbreviation of Operating System) is “OSes”, based on this concensus. I sort-of knew this already but it’s nice to have it validated.


  1. Surely you blow a raspberry with your mouth?

  2. Yeah, but it sounds like a fart, doesn’t it?

  3. How did you come to the conclusion that the plural of OS is OSes? The consensus you linked to seems to offer OSs and OSes in roughly equal numbers. I’d sayd OSs is the correct form, but I’m no expert!

  4. You have taught me some Cockny too, always wondered what it realy meant. And you are a little modest about your photo, it is quite good as daffs go. :-).