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The LibDems have launched their campaign blog Currently only two entries thus far but it is running on WordPress and has comments enabled (although they’re moderated as per their comments policy). It was set up by Richard Allan, who until today was the LibDem MP for Sheffield Hallam. (Via Photomatt)
Charles Kennedy, the leader of the LibDems, is currently in hospital with his wife. No official word on thw reasons why but apparently Sarah Kennedy is “fine”. She was due to give birth in a couple of weeks time.
No change here in Bradford West – still just the four candidates. The deadline for announcing one’s candidature isn’t until April 19th so there’s still a few days left.

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  1. Woohoo! That’s my MP that is 🙂 Maybe he deserved all my votes after all lol.
    Seems he’s retiring from the seat this year though. Nick Clegg is running instead, whoever the hell that is. lol