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Create your own Tory poster

Generated Conservative party poster

A very cool PHP tool that I wish I’d thought of myself: Your own Conservatives poster. Type your message, select a handwriting font and have the applet create your very own campaign poster. (found via Hanni)

(Note: As I understand, Michael Howard isn’t really a vampire, despite looking like one and having some rather evil ideas about immigration)

Funnily enough, this time last year I found something similar but for the US elections.


  1. evil ideas about immigration — hmm. It’s not racist to limit immigration. Anyway, quite funny.
    All the posters I’ve seen, from both Labour and Conservatives aren’t talking about policies, just taking bites out of the opposition.

  2. I still think the immigration “problem” has been blown entirely out of proportion. There’s this idea purported by the right wing media that immigrants are coming here, spreading their diseases, leeching off the state and giving nothing back. Fact is, many are escaping persecution or at least trying to get a better life and are very keen to get a job and give something back to the economy. Asylum seekers only get benefits because they have no other way of getting money – they can’t work (by law), so how else are they going to live?
    The Observer published an interesting statistic today – only 8% of the UK population is “non-white”, yet the perception among the public is 26%.

  3. All of the political parties are liars, sadly.
    As for the Lib Dems: why haven’t they been in power yet? 😉 If they truly were worth voting for, then they’d be running the country (uh-oh).

  4. Steve: personally I choose to vote for the party I despise the least 🙂 . There are very few good, honest politicians these days, especially in the mainstream parties.

  5. The trouble with everybody subvertising these billboards is that it just makes Labour look better, and Labour’s billboards are harder to subvertise – so you can’t run a “fair and balanced” subvertising campaign.
    Sure we could subvertise the tory billboards by adding “vote greenparty”, but then it just makes the greenparty look bad for subvertising posters.

  6. The Lib Dem’s billboards, as pointed out by Bremner, Bird & Fortune, remind me of a butter advert 🙂
    “Lib Dem’s: I can’t believe it’s not better” :p

  7. You should all vote for me as iw ould make life better for Britain, you don’t need known people to make the country better, i would tell the truth and never lie. Support me and my party which is the M7 political party. Vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!