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FridayQ: Beauty

This week’s FridayQ is all about beauty – hardly a subject that I’m an expert on, but whatever.

FQ1: Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? What made it beautiful to you?

I’ve been to some very nice places in my time – Carcassone and St. Paul de Vence in France come to mind, as does my home town of York – but as for beautiful places I’m unsure.

FQ2: Who’s the most beautiful person you can think of? What makes them beautiful to you?

Kirsten Dunst is pretty nice. Not totally sure why but I think she’s cute. Other than that there’s a couple of people I know who are really pretty. I can probably predict Dave‘s answer to this…

FQ3: What’s the most beautiful object you’ve ever looked at? What makes it beautiful?

Like before, I think I can predict Dave’s answer… I like the look of the iPod Mini (nicer than the bigger models, in my opinion) and Apple’s PowerBooks. Part of my definition of beauty is simplicity, I think.

FQ LIST: Tell us ten more beautiful things! When you think of “beauty,” what one thing comes to mind for the following words: music, movie, book, meal, gemstone, flower, web site, artwork, appliance, and animal.


  • Music: Elektralow
  • Movie: Spiderman II (see above)
  • Book: Some kind of make-up manual…
  • Meal: A really nice steak
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Flower: Tulip
  • Web site: StopDesign
  • Artwork: David Hockney
  • Appliance: A really swanky cooker (?)
  • Animal: Toucan

I could have probably provided better answers but I’ve inherited a rather nasty hangover from last night and my brain isn’t quite functioning on all cylinders yet.


  1. StopDesign is a beautiful site. I had been there once before, but had forgotten about it.

  2. York was on my list as well. I’ve been twice, but haven’t yet seen all of the city. Something to look forward to.
    I have a hard time deciding if it’s my motorcycle or my PowerBook that’s more beautiful…