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Hacking Movable Type

Hacking Movable Type is now available for pre-ordering. This was the book that I was involved with last summer but unfortunately had to pull out of due to other commitments (and my comparative lack of MT talent…). However, Jay Allen, Brad Choate, David Raynes, Matt Haughey and Ben Hammersley have managed to pull it off without me, and if what I’ve seen of the book as an insider is anything to go by it will be a must-have for anyone interested in getting a little deep-down-and-dirty with MT.

Brits can pre-order all 300+ pages of it for a mere £14.44 (+P&P), Americans get it even cheaper at $19.79. I’ve just ordered my copy.

If you’re still not convinced, have a read of an early draft of Chapter 9, which is all about the Atom API.


  1. Let us know when it is released… at some point after that, I will have to purchase it.

  2. I’ll be getting that one from then – Not sure if I’ll ever get the time to read it though!