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Feeding the election

Steve Bell cartoon of Michael Howard I think Steve Bell’s cartoon of Michael Howard in today’s Guardian is brilliant.
You may also have noticed that my election posts are now in a separate category called ‘Election 2005’. Despite what I’ve previously said I probably will be posting a fair bit about the election, and so I’ve assigned a special category for those posts. Therefore, there is are RSS and Atom feeds for those posts.
I have also created the “apathy” feed. This is an RSS feed which carries all of the new entries on this weblog except those about the election. Therefore, if the election does not interest you, you can subscribe to that and be in blissful ignorance. The heavy lifting here is done by the ExcludeCategories plugin which does just that – let you exclude categories from templates.

One Comment

  1. God I haven’t got round to posting anything about the election yet except a handy tool a friend showed me which helps you work out who to vote for. As predicted I’m a LibDem candidate’s dream come true (though not a party member) but at least it’s there on my site for my less politically literate readers (some of whom I am related to by BLOOD!)
    I’ll be posting some bits on the election but now that I’m going to be teaching Citizenship it’s all a bit scary – I’m supposed to actually say considered and wise things rather than rip the shit out of people I don’t agree with in a lazy and biased manner. Hmmm.