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Election Blogs

The Guardian officially launched their Movable Type-powered Election 2005 Blog on Monday, which like the other Guardian blogs comes complete with permalinks, comments and RSS feeds. There are even feeds for the comments and a dandy folksonomic digest on the home page.
The Times also has an Election Log. It’s powered by TypePad and so is also available here. No proper permalinks but individual articles can be accessed by using the ‘Recent Entries’ list on the home page, and though the RSS feed isn’t advertised it’s here. There’s also an Atom feed, but no comments.
Evidently The Guardian seem to get blogging better than The Times do, but it’s nice to have both angles. It will be interesting to see which other newspapers jump on the blogging bandwagon in the run-up to the election.
Update: The BBC have their own election weblog, using their own content management system. It does have an RSS feed along with permalinks and comments though. And while I’m talking about the election there’s news that Nick Griffin, Leader of the British National Party, has been charged with 4 race hate offences. He’ll be in court in Leeds tomorrow.


  1. Did you ever try WordPress Neil?

  2. He’s using it, just not to power his blog. The test install is here – hope you don’t mind me linking it, Neil.

  3. It’s alright Steve. I may switch to WordPress at some point but right now I’m happy with MT.

  4. i wonder if rival parties would use the email address’s in the blog to target switchers?

  5. I believe a few of the parties ‘cold called’ voters in an effort to get them to vote for them, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did the same with e-mail.

  6. Thanks for those links Neil, as if I didn’t have enough to read already! 😛