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Blatant Ripoff

Have a look at the source code for Kebabish Original’s web site, in particular the meta tags.
Really, if you’re going to rip off someone else’s design, at least have the courtesy to do it properly
(incidentally here’s a photo of the Bradford branch of Kebabish Original shortly before it opened)


  1. What strikes me as very weird is… why Delia Smith?!?

  2. That’s really funny… I like the “saved from url=(0027)” right at the top! They took it, and made it worse.

  3. Also some of it points to
    “Delia Online_files/header_line.gif”
    I don’t care who you are, thats funny right there…

  4. LMAO. Legend. Pure legend. 🙂

  5. In addition to destroying the graphics from the original elegant layout, they messed up the code so that it will not display properly in Safari. LAME!!

  6. What i find lame is that when you visit the website of your local kebab shop the first thing you look at is the Meta tags.
    What is the world coming to?

  7. I’m curious Neil – how did you find that out? Did you spot the site was similar to Delia’s and have a look at the source code to check? How often do you visit Delia’s website? 😛

  8. I was wondering why the links at the top didn’t work, so I took a look at the source code to see what was up.