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The origins of Crazy Frog

Thanks for all the comments on the Crazy Frog Remix article, especially quack’s comment about the origins of the ringtone. There’s actually a very good Crazy Frog article over at Wikipedia, which explains the history of it.
And, it turns out that a single based on the Crazy Frog noise is due to be released tomorrow. Great.
Update: I’ve now heard the single. I’m impressed at how the four (!) producers of it have managed to make the tune even more annoying than it already was. This was so unnecessary.
And then people wonder why the sales of singles have been declining recently…


  1. A single? The end of the world is truly here.

  2. * Runs out the door screaming *

  3. Amazing how one song can inspire such pessimism… 🙂

  4. And you know what the worst thing of all is? Two of the producers of the single are Trevor Nelson (otherwise well-respected Radio 1 DJ specialising in urban music) and ex-radio 1 DJ Wes, who I presume was sacked due to his involvement. At least I hope he was sacked because of that. It’s the best reason for a dismissal I’ve ever heard.
    Guess I can’t blame them for making easy money though.

  5. Guess I can’t blame them for making easy money though.

    Yes you can. And none of this explains how it ever became popular. Why do some people take to it? Any psychologists? I don’t understand the human psyche i really don’t.

  6. We’ve got that ad on the telly over here as well (which is The Netherlands). I tried running away but sound travels very far (well, that sound does anyway). And now they made it into a single? Oh! The horror!

  7. The crazy frog utterly sucks, anyone stupid enough to buy the god forsaken single must have a brain hemerage! If i hear that damn crazy frog once more im going to CUT MY EARS OFF!

  8. I got tired and pissed off at the frog so i made this in disgust.
    Theres another one on

  9. Hi guys,
    I have created a forum devoted to the hatred of the crazy frog and if we get enough members on there and enough posts on how much the crazy frog is hated i will be sending the link to broadcasting companies across the world to try and get it off the air!
    Take a look

  10. If you hate it so much, why does your website contain links to mobile ringtone websites to download the noise?

  11. I have little overall control over the advertising. Google provides them, not me.