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Yep, another Toucan

My London Zoo photos are up, later than I’d hoped thanks to NTL and their wonderful network which was randomly losing around 30% of packets this evening. Unfortunately I had another case of Huge Memory Card Syndrome which meant I took far more photos than I really should have done. There’s 60 there, whittled down from around 90 or so. The weather wasn’t great today – on the one hand a good thing because it kept the crowds away, but it meant that the pictures are quite dull and many of the animals were staying inside where it was warmer. London Zoo is well worth a visit, though you do need the full day for it – we arrived not long after 10am and it was nearly half past 3 by the time we’d left.

Anyhow, it’s the end of the month so my Flickr upload limits will be reset in a few hours’ time – I managed 16% this time. That’s over 160MB of photos uploaded. In one month. Hmmm.

Tomorrow there’ll be yet more fish as I go to The Deep in Hull, although I might try to show a little more restraint. Might nab a few of Hull City Centre though.
Finally as I’m rather busy at the moment there won’t be an April Fool’s Day joke or theme this year, I’m afraid. Sorry.


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