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Tim Bray is considering moving away from his Mac. He’s already switched away from using Safari to Firefox and is looking at moving from to Thunderbird, but that might just be the start of it.
His reasoning focusses on the legal case involving Apple and the weblogs which posted information passed to them by an Apple employee, who in doing so was breaking his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Apple. Annoyingly the judge seems to have valued Apple’s trade secrets as being more valuable than the free speech of the bloggers. But then the US is one of the few countries in the world where trade secrets have legal protection – so if an employee under an NDA revealed some secret information to a public source, that information would still be called as a trade secret, even if the information became common knowledge (i.e. not a secret) through this disclosure. But IANAL so that might be wrong.
This, coupled with Apple’s involvement with spyware is making me think twice about whether I really want to buy a Mac Mini later this year. Apple’s ethical record is starting to look very patchy indeed.


  1. Yes, and because Microsoft is such a better ethical choice.

  2. If Apple and Microsoft have bad ethical records, perhaps you should just stop using computers altogether 😉
    Or you could use Linux.

  3. What? I thought Linux was stolen from SCO? You just can’t trust anybody now-a-days. 🙂
    (please let everybody realize that was sarcasm before the flames begin)

  4. One of the more amusing things about techies is their deluded sense of self. Because one uses a particular platform, they are automatically an ethicist, moralist, or social and cultural visionary.
    My mom has a drivers license and a car….Is she also a transportation and logistics expert?
    The good news is, these people have little impact on anything beyond their sphere of like minded peers.
    pasadena, ca

  5. I don’t really care about a companies ethical policies/position, just as long as they don’t have some sort of massively heart-stopping effect on me. Boycotting doesn’t accomplish much, anyway.