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Pick a font

Please look at the image below and tell me which font you think would look the best as the header font for this site.
Image showing the two fonts
I’m currently using Georgia Italic but Palatino Linotype looks nice – it looks a bit more ‘handwritten’ than Georgia does. It comes as standard with Windows XP and Office 2003, although it’s available to buy for those without it. That said, buying Windows XP might be cheaper than buying the font on its own…
In any case, if I did choose it, it would be preferred over Georgia, but if you didn’t have the font Georgia would be used instead. Alternatively, if you have neither, Times or another serif font will be used at your browser’s discretion, as happens now.


  1. Out of those two I’d go for Georgia. Why not spruce it up with an image, then you can target more than just Windows XP users with a nice graphic header…

  2. I like the Georgia, but Palatino seems good to here.

  3. I like Georgia better to be honest. 🙂

  4. Palatino may look prettier, but it is harder to read. The thinnest bits of each letter are too thin and tend to be hard to see. Please take pity on your readers with middle-aged (or elderly) eyes and stick with Georgia. Thank you.

  5. Georgia. I like smooth, and have never liked pointy fonts. 🙂

  6. I’m going for numero 2 I prefer fancy fonts over the simple ones for headers 🙂

  7. Another vote for Georgia. Palatino’s a little fussy for my taste. Italicised Georgia nicely manages the compromise between ‘professional’ and ‘informal’.

  8. no 2. looks more…dynamic?

  9. Georgia looks better to me. I find the serifs on Palatino to be too angular, I prefer Georgia’s more rounded look.

  10. At that size Palatino is definitely better. Georgia is designed a body text font for screen and for that it would win hands down for legibility, but at the size you’ll be using it that shouldn’t be an issue.
    If you are going to buy it there are cheaper versions than on the Linotype site. This one is $21:
    You could also search for Zapf Calligraphic 801 which is to all intents and purposes identical.