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Mixed blessing

I’m now back at my parent’s house in York for Easter, and on 300Kbps NTL cable connection. While it’s fine for them, being used to 1Mbps broadband I’m finding it a little slow.
Now NTL will let you upgrade to 1Mbps for the same price that my parents are paying now. But there’s a catch – instead of the 30GB monthly download limit you get on the 300Kbps service, you’ll only have a 3GB limit. It’s higher than some rival services which offer a measily 1GB limit but still very much on the low side and a definite step down.
The next package up, which is 2MB, does offer the 30GB limit, as does the 3MB package, but at £25 and £38 (!) respectively they’re a lot of money.
But then, to be honest I don’t think my parents will have a problem with a 3GB monthtly limit – it’s not like they’re heavy users. The upgrade thankfully isn’t automatic but it does mean calling up NTL’s notorious customer service line to request it.


  1. Even if you were to upgrade to 1mb, I’m told the upload speed would only be 100k – which is rather poor.
    Actually, the upgrade could be a good thing – if all the zombies and spyware-ridden PCs on ntl get cut off a few days into each month then things are better for the rest of us.

  2. 2MB for £25… and you’re saying that’s expensive. Urm. No. When we got 1MB with Telewest three years ago it was £40mb. Then they increased it to 1.5MB and now it’s hit 2MB, all for “free”. The price has even dropped a couple of quid to £37.50 IIRC.
    So, no they’re not expensive in comparison. It just depends what the needs of the user are, which might be too much for them personally.

  3. >The upgrade thankfully isn’t automatic”

  4. Trevor: The “a lot of money” bit was subjective – considering my parents don’t use the internet that much it’s a lot of money to pay.
    Ben: I meant that you don’t automatically get moved to the new package. That way, if you are used to using a good proportion of the 30GB/month limit you won’t suddenly find yourself going over the 3GB/month limit.

  5. I posted on my blog about a free 2Mbs upgrade BT Broadband gave it’s users. The cap is 15Gb which should be enough for me but they don’t seem to have changed the upload speed. Torrents still upload at 30kbs. Darn. It’s a hard life. 😛