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Create your own South Park character II

South Park Character A couple of years ago I came across a tool that let you create your own South Park character, which you could use in avatars and stuff. Fast forward to now and there’s a better tool (found by the way of Colin) that gives you more control over your character. The image is supposed to be a rough estimate of what I’d look like should I ever make a cameo appearance in the series, and reflects the fact that I seem to have acquired several red t-shirts lately.


  1. Heh, I posted about this in the middle of February. Oh well nevermind. I need to sling up my character somewhere I think.

  2. Bibi on Cartmanland

    That’s me on Cartmanland, or in front my computer, what still very fun, with a headset (I usualy use to talk on Skype) and an ice cream (is sweet and has chocolate that I love). But don’t trust in me with a knife and a strange smile: my friends don’t …

  3. u rule!!!

  4. how do you undo something?