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Camino, the native Mac OS X browser that uses Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine, now has its own web site at With much of the Mozilla Foundation’s marketing efforts being aimed at Firefox, which is arguably a rival browser, it’s good to see a separate effort being made for this browser.
I also really like the site design. It manages to combine the standard layouts of both and while still looking attractive. The blue heading is typically Mozilla but the actual structure of the page is more like Apple’s site. This represents the goal of Camino – taking Mozilla technology and putting a Mac twist on it – very well.
My only criticisms would be of the underlying code. While most of the formatting is controlled by CSS, the layout is done using a table in HTML, which is now outdated practice. There’s also 10 validation errors, mostly pertaining to the use of uppercase characters in the attribute names for the meta tags, which isn’t permitted in XHTML.
Still, it looks like a very nice site and hopefully it will encourage more people to use the browser.


  1. Effects of the new website

    The launch of our new website has some cool effects. First we are getting free press and I agree with mike we should surf on it (even if the press says we’ve just released 0.8.2). Today I got to mails…

  2. Neil
    Just dropped in. I was at Bradford doing computing in 1984 when you were one.
    Currently discovering blogging and many other things. I found you while looking for ways to implement a manual trackback setup on my blogs.
    btw couldn’t find your trackback form.