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The revolution will be photographed

Muslim women The photos from yesterday are up – 53 in total (some 40-odd megabytes). Feel free to use them in in any non-commercial way you see fit, as long as you retain the attribution. If you’re one of my contacts over at Flickr you can also add notes and tags to the photos – most of them are tagged up but some may be a bit overgeneral.
There’s also plenty in this set from ‘londonprotests’ and some from ‘krypton’ and ‘grimsb’.


  1. While I was against the war from the beginning, I don’t think pulling our troops out now would help anything. Kind of like the “you break it, you buy it” rule. I do have mixed feelings on it…
    Let’s just hope we can keep Bush from starting ANOTHER war, though (cough…Iran…cough).

  2. I do agree with you – to be honest I’m not too keen on the immediate pullout of troops either – but I am against war in general and hope that Iran and Syria get left well alone.

  3. And here I was coming back to clarify fearful that I’d opened a can of worms with that one. =) What I meant to say before was that I’m fearful that if we were to just leave before they’re ready, that they’ll end up with an Iran-style government.
    For anyone interested, I’d like to point out a good blog by a 24-year-old (or so) girl living in Baghdad: Baghdad Burning. She talks about daily life living under the occupation. It’s a great perspective, and it saddens me to see what it’s like there.
    I just hope in the end the people end up with a system of government that they really want, and that we can do so with as little death as possible.

  4. I’ve gone through doing some commenting and tagging. There’s some really nice photos in that lot, including quite a few groups I hadn’t seen.