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Back from London

Just got back from the anti-war march in London – we had around 50,000 people (at a conservative estimate) out there, which isn’t too bad. I have around 50 photos to sort through and upload so they may take a day or two to appear, but in the meantime here’s some from the Beeb.
Overall I think it went well and I had an enjoyable day – met some cool new people and caught up with a few people from Unite. It was also good to be on the first demonstration to pass the American Embassy in London since the Vietnam war.
Anyway, having had minimal sleep these past few nights and a 6:30am start, I really, really need to go to bed now 🙂 . I’m off back to York for a couple of weeks tomorrow so I need to be awake in good time to do some packing – it’s the first time I’ve been home in 2 1/2 months.


  1. There’s quite a lot of photos on Indymedia already. I was with the samba band for some of the time but didn’t have an instrument to play and couldn’t stand the heat (it is still March right?!) so did my own thing.
    And you’ve had a long day? After getting up at 4am, I’ve only just got back – and that after doing similar hours in Derby on Thursday. Tomorrow is for sleeping.

  2. It’s a long day by my standards 🙂 . Especially as I don’t drink coffee.

  3. I had no idea the protest was happening [current affairs? What’s that? ;)], but was in Trafalger Square showing a Canadian friend of mine around town at exactly the time it was happening. Who knows Neil, we might have walked right past one another without realising!