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St. Paddy’s Day Photos

Drinking Guinness My photos from St. Patrick’s Day are up. The last one is taken with my cameraphone, hence the different size and lower quality. All in all it was a good night and despite drinking quite a lot of Jameson’s whisky and cola I’m not too badly hungover this morning.
Today’s the last day of term before Easter, so I’ll probably be out again tonight too. Unfortunately there’s the small matter of being up for 7:30am to go down to London tomorrow, which might restrict my drinking somewhat.


  1. You can’t mix Jameson’s and cola! That’s sacrilege!

  2. Jame and Coke is a common combination in Ireland when out with your mates. If your drinking down the country though you’d get slapped for it.
    Oh and by the way, snap with the suit although I do have a beard. 🙂