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Google AdSense (again)

Another recent change to Google Adsense is payment options. Originally, once a month, you would get a cheque in US dollars sent to you by post. Now, you can have the funds transferred electronically directly into your account, and, perhaps more importantly, have it paid in your local currency. This means that you can get around the extortionate conversion charges that banks charge – typically I lose about 15% of the value of any payment from Google when cashing in a cheque in US dollars at the moment.
The electronic funds transfer scheme is in beta – if it fails, Google will send you a cheque in your currency – but it does mean that I’ll get a greater percentage of my earnings and won’t have to make monthly trips to the bank to put the money in. Nice one Google.


  1. This is AWESOME news, seriously, especially for ex-pats who dont have a US bank account…

  2. Yes. Sounds good. Now I can transfer my $4 into my account!