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Save Toby

Okay, can we please just accept the fact that the Save Toby web site is a hoax? Snopes lists several reasons why the site is a fake, including a message on the site saying that it was a hoax that has since been removed. No rabbits were harmed, nor will be harmed in the future, in the making of the site. Move along now, nothing to see here…


  1. Hah!
    It’s hillarious! I can’t believe people fall for that, but then again I can’t believe people download and install malware. People can be so gullable sometimes.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, never let facts get in the way of comedy…

  3. Sorry… I saw it on a site and thought [I would post about it]( I personally found it funny that animal rights activists are so adimate of getting rid of the site. I didn’t look into it in too much detail because frankly, I don’t care. I just thought it was funny. If you noticed, I filed under humor.

  4. Here’s a pretty funny spoof of that site:

  5. Yet another funny spoof of that site

  6. Toby’s dilemna may not be real but the dilemna of Porkie is real. He is definitely going to be eaten.

  7. I happen to think Toby is quite cute, and do not wish to see him killed and am buying 2 buttons from!

  8. Does anyone know if is legit? I want to get one of their shirts. Really funny website if you haven’t seen it yet.

  9. dude stfu its a web site with a dam store…yes you can donate…i think people rather get something for thier money and go to the shop. The whole toby thing is just a gemic to get people to buy his stuff. If you think about it he is realy smart. And about anamal activist..they cant do shit. Hell we use to eat rabits once in a while. It pisses me off when I see dumbass say stupid shit

  10. Wish I thought of but I am rooting for

  11. Here are some more sites claiming to harm an animal (is a snail and animal?) but the catch is the viewers decide. LOL it is pretty funny:

  12. Joke or not, this site makes a pretty good case for NOT saving toby…

  13. ok i went to save and thats a hoax also that picture of “pokie in happier times” is on a folderthat you can buy at STORES!

  14. Joke or not, we can put an end to the possibility that this may spiral out of control. What is next? People getting hurt?
    put an end to the madness