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Fini the Fascist

Stop the fascist Fini poster I have a love-hate relationship with the British royal family. At the moment, I’m tending towards the latter.
Today the Queen shook hands with Gianfranco Fini, the Italian Foreign Minister. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem – but Fini is the leader of Italy’s National Alliance party, a far right party not dissimilar to our own British National Party who ultimately want rid of all non-white, non-heterosexual or disabled people from this country. (At the moment the BNP are just targeting a particular group – recently migrated muslims – but believe me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’re far more than an anti-immigration party.)
I appreciate that he’s an Italian minister and we should try to retain diplomatic links with other countries where possible, but I really don’t think it was appropriate for our official head of state to greet him in such a manner. By shaking his hand, the Queen is, to some extent, endorsing his views; views which I’d like to think are only common to a few evil individuals (and some misguided members of the public) and not the British people at large.
I really regret not being able to attend the picket on The Mall by Unite today.

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  1. Totally agree with you Neil.
    I’ve never been a Royal basher, although I was finding it increasingly tricky to understand why we have the system we do. Of late I have been wondering what on earth they are actually for.
    This is a classic example…. what exactly is the head of state, the respresentative of the UK (although we are her subjects, actually), doing shaking hands with such people?
    I mean, I suppose if you have a grandson who thinks it is cool to go around dressed as a Nazi then…. it sort of all goes with the flow really.
    Far right parties are just such bad news.