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Customer service

Yorkshire Water sent us a water bill this morning. Which would be fine if this bill wasn’t for the next 12 months – it’s quite likely that we’ll all be moving out come June and therefore don’t want to be paying for 8 1/2 months water that we won’t be using. So I phoned their customer service line, expecting to be on hold for hours and then have a blazing row with someone with broken English and coming away fuming.
In fact, after phoning their billing line I was told I could be rung back at my own convinience, only needed to press one button on the menu and was through to a human almost immediately, who sorted everything out incredibly quickly. It was so quick that I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t get on my high horse and rant at them.
But at least it means we’ll be paying £32.70 and not £131.14, which is good.


  1. You filed this under ‘Rants’… but it’s a sort of… er… non-rant! 😉

  2. That’s because I don’t have a ‘Non-Rants’ category. And you could argue that I was ranting because I didn’t have a chance to rant 🙂 .