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Screenshot of BradLog 1 Screenshot of BradLog 2 Screenshot of BradLog 3
These screenshots are of BradLog, the weblogging system that I’m developing as part of my final year project. We have a major milestone to achieve by Wednesday so I’ve spent some time today moving the project on. The point of the project is to develop the application in both PHP and Perl, and then compare the development of the two, in areas like ease of development, speed, performance, code size, availability of reference materials and so on. Currently PHP is winning by a long way as I’m having some real problems with the Perl version and it’s nowhere near as advanced as the PHP version, which is what is shown above. Both use the same MySQL database.
At the moment, both versions have a functioning public interface (screenshot 1), with the PHP version also having a backend (screenshots 2 and 3) which currently allows entries to be created and edited. The ability to delete entries, as well as edit the list of categories and display RSS feeds, has yet to be implemented but that shouldn’t take too long. I also need to do quite a bit of work on the stylesheets and the general look and feel of the application.
The name ‘BradLog’ comes from the fact that it’s a weblog system developed at the University of Bradford. And it has a nice ring to it. I’d let you browse the test site but there’s no security on the admin section yet and the web server is inaccessible to the outside world anyway.
And before you ask, no, I’m not porting this blog to it 🙂 . While I’m impressed with what the system can do so far, I appreciate the reliability and robustness of MT.


  1. I’m curious, any chance that you will release it to the masses? 🙂

  2. looks good – don’t forget the security and sanitise your code and don’t allow cross site scripting!

  3. Teja: I will do if I can sort out the intellectual property. As far as I know the university automatically owns the rights to whatever work I produce for them. Which sucks but I’ll see if I can work with it.
    Andy: Erm, it’s only a prototype…

  4. Aww, this reminds me of when I wrote a little blog service for a bit of fun. I wrote it in classic ASP and was before they were called blogs. I called it “My Journal” ugh hideous name. I wrote code for designing templates and all sorts.
    But it was only for a laugh and i didn’t want to pay for the hosting and i kept going over the quota 🙁
    That said, i only had about 30 regulars, when i stopped it I felt so bad for the ppl who were seriously writing long regular journel entries. haha Hmm, i wonder where i put the database backups.