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Blogs in Action

A week on Thursday (March 24th, day before Good Friday) is Blogs in Action, a blogging conference in London hosted by Six Apart. It’s at the Polish Club, 55 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PN, a stone’s throw from South Kensington tube. Speakers include Dominique Busso, the CEO of VNU, and Neil McIntosh from The Guardian.
Sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to go due its proximity to the Easter weekend.


  1. Another web related conference I should really go to. I want to go to @Media 2005, but can’t afford the price tag!

  2. £345+VAT? You *have* to be kidding…
    At least Blogs in Action is, as far as I can tell, free.

  3. But look at the darn line-up…
    Jeffery Zeldman, Joe Clarke, Douglas Bowman, Andy Budd and Andy Clarke !!! WOW. It’s the UKs answer to Web Essentials.

  4. It’s tempting – but I’m sure all the attendees will blog about it, so my time’ll be better spent my finishing final year project.