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With St Patrick’s Day coming this week, I decided to use the ‘earthy’ stylesheet that I’ve been offering with my templates and adapt it slightly to make it a little more Irish. Hope you like the new look.
Obviously this means that come Friday I’ll have to change it again but I’m sure I can think of something.


  1. I was impressed when I saw it yesterday. Looks good and I’m amazed at how you find time to reskin your site at what seems like once a week!

  2. You need a new green favicon!

  3. Yay, Manegrin.
    Where did you get the font from, btw?
    (also, I’m used to being able to click the title to get to the main page, but I can’t with this – you might want to do that. :D)

  4. And I also think, Neil, you need to dance! Dance I say! Dance!

  5. Ciaran: I got it from here. It’s called “Celtic Font #1” 🙂 .
    I’m aware of the title bar issue – I’ll see what I can do.